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Do you wish to have a beautiful and memorable wedding in Malaysia?

Do you afraid of being bombarded with questions – Where are you getting married? How much is your wedding budget? Can my sister’s boyfriend attend? And for entirely engagement, the questions will never be end!

At, we are here to provide you comprehensive, high quality and top-notch wedding services. We are your dream maker – achieve your dream wedding and save you from a lot of stress at the same time.


How to Find a Good Wedding Planner?

You can always find wedding planner from wedding websites, recommendation from friends and family and wedding shops. However, we do not know which the best wedding planner among them.

Do not worry! We provide you some call references to ask them

  •         How closely did they stick to your budget
  •         How well did they interpret your wedding ideas?
  •         What service do they provide for you?
  •         Do they respond quickly to your calls or emails?
  •         Do they nice to work with

The most important criteria to choose your wedding planner is understand their personality and characteristics. Before you hire them as your wedding planner, you should feel comfortable with them. They should be a good listener who understand your specific needs and plan the dream wedding for you.

I believe that you can identify and select a good wedding planner. is always be there for you and help you to realise your dream wedding.

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